Cannon Fodder 3

Cannon Fodder 3 is a tactical action game, which inherited the style and traditions of the original game. The war goes on and its scale is nearly the same as before. 500 conscripts are sent to meet their destiny. What awaits them? A general's stars or a bed of honor?

These 21st century soldiers are equipped much better than their 1994 predecessors. They have 8 types of machinery, suitable for land, surface and airborne operations, as well as 17 types of weapon from assault rifles to the nuclear bomb.

Skirmishes take place all around the world and even in space! You'll fight throughout the day and night, in hot and cold weather, in snow and rain. The enemy is skilled - there're terrorists from all over the world and they have cutting-edge technologies at their disposal: teleportation and various mechanized combat systems. Our heroes will face great challenges - artillery strikes, insuperable force fields, automated turrets, suicide soldiers and giant humanoid robots.

Your savvy will come in handy: your actions aren't limited to slaughter and destruction. You'll have to capture enemy vehicles and bases, save hostages and rescue convicts, hold the line and shoot back from the turrets, search for data discs and spare parts, repair broken robots and bypass minefields. The high command carefully watches your operation’s progress: missions can be aborted because of major offence; minor misbehavior will be reprimanded, and great achievements will be rewarded with medals and promotions. In the end, the very best soldiers will receive the greatest reward: they will return to home camp where warm army barracks, hot army food, soft army bunks and a tender drill sergeant await them. Until the next time.

Key Features:

  • 8 types of controllable machinery
  • 17 types of weaponry, including tactical nuclear strikes and carpet bombings
  • Battles with unique bosses
  • Combat progress leads to new ranks
  • Special-purpose bonus items
  • Day and night missions, weather effects
  • Various locations: America, Asia, Russia, lunar and orbital bases
System Requirements
OS: Windows XP (SP2)
Processor: Pentium IV 2,4 GHz
Memory: 1024 MB RAM
Graphics: GeForce 7800GTX/ATI RADEON X1800 XT
DirectX®: 9.0c
Hard Drive: 700 MB HD space
Additional: Correct work on laptops is not guaranteed, Correct work on integrated graphic cards is not guaranteed.
System Requirements
Processor: Core i3
Memory: 2048 MB RAM
DirectX®: 9.0c
Hard Drive: 1024 MB HD space
Additional: Correct work on laptops is not guaranteed, Correct work on integrated graphic cards is not guaranteed.
  • PC Master (Greece)

    Its character, when compared to contemporary games, is undoubtedly naïve and the game in whole does not avoid the occasional repetition. On the other hand however, it faithfully and successfully revives a legendary game of the nineties, is fun and rich in duration. [April 2012]

  • If Cannon Fodder 3 had been released a decade ago, it would have become a cult hit. Now, it's a just a decent old-school arcade game.

  • A worthy sequel to one of the most addictive strategy games ever made. It may not have the catchy song, but war still has never been this much fun.

  • A game best played in short bursts. Extended sessions prove slightly tedious, while a few poor design choices mar what is otherwise an enjoyable, albeit shallow, action game.

  • PC Gamer UK

    A poor substitute for more focused action or strategy. [Apr 2012, p.116]

  • A buggy, ultimately dull recreation of a 90s classic. [May 2012, p.62]

  • The true hiccup of this old-style shooter is the foolish price on Steam. Valve's digital shelves are full of better arcade and indie games for the admission price tag of 18 Euros.

  • After the first cult installment with its second sequel Cannon Fodder 3 does not stand as a respectable follow-up. It is not even a good game. It's such a dull thing.

  • It looks like Cannon Fodder, and to a degree it plays like Cannon Fodder, but this bizarre sequel lacks the heart, soul, and mind of the 16-bit classic.

  • There are times when nostalgia wins out; when you realise this is an actual Cannon Fodder sequel, but that's quickly squashed down and washed away by a glitchy, boring and hugely underwhelming experience. In fairness, it's nowhere near as bad as might have been expected. But saying that about a game doesn't mean it's at all good.

Cannon Fodder 3
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Title: Cannon Fodder 3
Genre: Action
Released: 6 August 2012
Developer: Burut CT
Publisher: Game Factory Interactive
  • Single-player
  • Co-op
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