Bohemian Killing

Steampunk Paris, set against the background of the late 19th century, torn between tradition and modernity. Class differences and pervasive racism finally lead to a tragedy. A year later you find yourself on trial, accused of a brutal murder. How far will you go to exonerate yourself? Will you lie, seek evidence to prop your testimony or, perhaps, pretend to be insane? Your imagination is the limit.


Bohemian Killing is a narrative-driven courtroom drama, offering players almost unlimited possibilities of solving the lawsuit, thanks to the complete integration of gameplay and narrated story. It is also the first law-themed game made by a real-life lawyer!


Welcome to Paris of the late 19th century. The aftermath of the Great Revolution offered a new start for each and every citizen, regardless of social class. Alfred Ethon, a young inventor of Gypsy origin, benefits from the change, becoming a symbol of success thanks to his hard work and innovative projects, well ahead of their time.
Soon, a young woman is brutally murdered - a maid working for an impoverished Lord, a relic of the old French regime. Is Alfred Ethon to be blamed for the murder? The evidence points towards him... But you can change that.

As you stand before the court, all you can count on is your own intellect and creativity. But how does that look in practice?


Gameplay in Bohemian Killing is a combination of a courtroom drama, and a walking simulator. It can be classified as a first person experience, or a first person interactive story adventure game.
The story is set within two time frames. In the present, you find yourself locked up in the courtroom. You're getting acquainted with the evidence, witness testimony and questions posed by the Judge. Each question triggers a flashback - and begins your testimony. During the flashback you find yourself in a Parisian district, with each of your decisions, interactions and action affecting Alfred Ethons' testimony and the final verdict.
To help you in your testimony, you'll have access to all the evidence gathered on the case - expert opinions, reports and witness testimonies. Each of them can be (but doesn't have to be!) refuted in a number of different ways.
In the Evidence menu you can familiarize yourself with testimonies of witnesses, forensic expertises, physical evidences, etc. They are grouped into appropriate categories, making them easy to find.
A neighbor testified that at approximately 10 p.m. he passed you in the entrance of the tenement house, noticing that your clothes were covered in blood? Try testifying that your neighbor lies and prove that he has a reason to do so. Or maybe you'll get into a bar fight just a few minutes before, so that you can testify that the blood the neighbor saw was yours, and not the victim's? Or maybe you will cut yourself while shaving, covering your clothes with blood that the neighbor sees later? But what if the court finds your time of shaving conspicuous and torments you with even more questions? How will you get out of this?
With a wide range of possibilities that can lead to several standard endings and one additional hidden one, the game doesn't consider any path "a bad one", ensuring that each playthrough will be different.

To adjust the game to the preferences of each player, two modes are available:

  • In the Standard mode, the outcome depends entirely on your creativity and ability to solve logical problems. You will suffer the consequences of your own actions.
  • In the Story mode, your attorney will advise you as you progress along, commenting on your decisions and choices, preventing you from acting in a way that might prove to be harmful in the eyes of the court.


The main character of the game is played and dubbed by a world-class film and voice actor, Stephane Cornicard!
Stephane Cornicard studied in France, at the prestigious Colby College in the US, and at Goldsmith College in the UK. He played in numerous blockbusters such as “Spectre,” the most recent Bond film, or Steven Spielberg’s “Saving Private Ryan”.
His career as a voice actor is no less impressive and includes Syphon Filter, Primal, Metal Gear Solid, and the Dragon Age and Total War series. He currently teaches drama at the Actor’s Centre in London.
Minimum Requirements
OS: Microsoft Windows 7 32bit
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 1,66 GHz
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: Radeon HD 7500G/Intel HD Graphics 3000
Storage: 8 GB available space
Minimum Requirements
OS: Mac OS X 10.8.5
Processor: Intel Core i5 1.7
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: Radeon HD 7500G/Intel HD Graphics 3000
Storage: 8 GB available space
  • Bohemian Killing is a game that will test your wits in an original and intelligent way, a truly unique product in the "procedural game" genre. Its only limits are the one of a indie production, so the graphics are not awesome, but they are good enough to understand what's happening.

  • Bohemian Killing is, despite some problems in execution, one of the most alluring games I’ve ever played on a conceptual level.

  • An utterly original game, which is partially ruined by a rather repetitive gameplay, which suffers from the presence of hundreds of loading times, and other flaws. Still, the title has its charme, and it can be suggested to the players who love story-driven games.

  • Bohemian Killing, with its unique plot and great artistic style, is a great experience for fans of murder mystery, however, it does seem to be a niche game targeting a very specific audience.

  • Bohemian Killing is an unpolished diamond, because the brilliant idea has not received an appropriate design. Excellently atmospheric adventure suffers with modest content and self-destructive desire to repeat itself over and over.

  • Bohemian Killing is a promising but ultimately disappointing game, a great story and world let down by frustrating - and sometimes buggy - mechanics.

  • In theory, a concept that should've been brilliant. In theory.

  • Bohemian Killing has a very interesting idea for a non-linear gameplay that crumbles under a ton of issues. It would work great as a free browser game and right now I can't recommend buying it. This adventure as an affair for one (not very engaging) session. Everything looks as if it was a demo, a part of something bigger but still unfinished. And it's a pity because you can clearly see the potential.

  • Bohemian Killing is the perfect example of a great idea which has been carried out in a terrible way. Poor mechanics and graphics and a lot of bugs that are an obstacle for this game.

  • CD-Action

    A poorly written, ugly interactive crime movie that fails to even properly imitate freedom of choice and actions. [11/2016, p.61]

  • It’s a short experience end to end which sprouted from a solid idea, but whose ambition far exceeded the capabilities of the developers. Maybe consider it if it’s extremely heavily on sale, but for it’s current price point you’d be much better served buying a good book.

Bohemian Killing
$12.99 $3.96
Title: Bohemian Killing
Genre: Adventure, Indie
Released: 21 July 2016
Developer: The Moonwalls
Publisher: Libredia Entertainment
  • Single-player
  • Steam Achievements
  • Captions available
  • Steam Trading Cards
  • Full controller support
UI Audio Subs
Spanish - Spain
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