Frequently Asked Questions

Please view our frequently asked questions below. If you you need any further assistance please don't hesitate to contact us directly through the Contact link in the navigation bar.

What is Steam?

Steam is the leading digital distribution platform for computer games, it's kind of like iTunes but for games instead of music.

Steam provides an efficient way for users to download, install and automatically update games so you are always getting the latest features and bug fixes from the developers.

When you purchase a game through FrugalGamer we will provide you with a Game Key/Product Code which can be used to redeem the game on a distribution platform like Steam.

What is a Game Key?

A Game Key (or Product Code) is just a unique serial number that represents a digital licence for a game, this serial number can be activated on a distribution platform like Steam which will then download and install the game onto your PC.

Game keys consist of a series of letters and/or numbers in a format similar to:


When you purchase a game through FrugalGamer you will receive one of these unique Game Keys. To download and install the game onto your computer simply copy and paste the key into the designated distribution platform, for example, Steam.

How do I get a Steam account?

To setup your free Steam account please follow the steps below:

  • Download the application from the Steam website
  • Install and then launch the application
  • Click on the button labelled "Create a New Account" and complete the sign-up process
  • You can now login to Steam with your new account login details

Here is a short video detailing the process: 

How do I activate my game on Steam?

To redeem/activate your game on Steam please follow the steps below:

  • Log into your Steam account through your desktop application - not the website
  • Click "Games" on the top menu bar
  • Select "Activate a Product on Steam" from the dropdown list
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to activate your game

Here is a short video detailing the process:

Where is the Steam DLC (Downloadable Content)?

If your purchased Steam key advertises that it contains DLC's then these are normally accessible from within the base game.


To see if any downloadable content is available for the base game, right click on the base game/software and select "Properties.."


Then select the "DLC" tab to see the downloadable content that has been activated on your Steam account for this game.


Steam accepts my key but the game doesn't show in my Steam library. Why?

This is a Steam issue and you can fix it in most cases by waiting a few minutes or closing your Steam client completely, then restarting it.

If the game for your accepted key does not appear after restarting the Steam client, please contact Steam support as only they can help you with that.

Also, ensure you have updated to the latest version of Steam as this occasionally fixes issues. 

Please also note that some keys install additional downloadable content for games and don't themselves produce new entries in your Steam game library.

How quickly will I receive my game keys?


As long as you are paying via Paypal or Credit Card then your game keys will be delivered instantly, our unique game key delivery system allows for instant and automatic allocation of game keys.

After payment you can access your game keys by going to:
My Account > Game Keys

Does your system auto-generate game keys?

No, our game key allocation system does not auto-generate game keys.

All our games keys are acquired directly from the game publisher or from authorised distributors.

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