Children of Morta


Children of Morta is an action RPG with a rogue-lite approach to character development, where you don’t play a single character - but a whole, extraordinary family of heroes. Hack’n’slash through hordes of enemies in procedurally generated dungeons, caves and lands and lead the family of Bergsons, with all their flaws and virtues, against the forthcoming Corruption.



is live now in the game giving you the possibility to play with a long-distanced friend! Available both in Story and Family Trials modes, the Online Co-op gives you a chance to team up and battle Corruption side by side. Local Co-op is also available!


Gameplay-wise it's a unique mix of action-adventure RPG, rogue-lite and hack and slash game. By leveling up, you develop not only individual characters but also the entire family. There is no permadeath and you can change family members between the dungeon runs.


The story takes place in a distant land but copes with themes and emotions common to all of us: love and hope, longing and uncertainty, ultimately loss... and sacrifice we are willing to make to save the ones we care the most for. Ultimately, it's about a family of heroes standing against the encroaching darkness.


All the dungeons in the game are procedurally generated, which means their layout is different with each adventure. There can be from two to four levels of each dungeon, with a unique boss fight at the end. You can always get back to the previous dungeons to get extra XP or finish all the side quests.


Ranged attacks, magic spells, blocks, stuns, healing, evasions and passive skills - it's all there for you to discover, unlock and upgrade. You can choose from seven different family members, each one having unique skill sets. The father, John - a protective warrior with a sword and shield. The elder daughter Linda - a precise archer. Kevin, a quiet fighter equipped with deadly daggers. Lucy - a lively and bold fire mage. Mark - a mindful martial arts fighter. Joey - who smashes his enemies with a sledgehammer. And the latest addition to the family - Apan, a mighty healer and a firm defender in one.


A combination of hand-painted pixel art and frame-by-frame animations partnered with modern lighting techniques come to life to create the beautifully dangerous world of Children of Morta!


The ancient Development Roadmap has come to an end. As a result the game has gained additional content including new characters, new items, new mechanics and more! The final point - Fellowship Sanctuary - has been reached, giving you a free update with Online Co-op for two players. The Online Co-op is available in all game modes (Story and Family Trials) and like the local co-op, it offers numerous playstyles, since every Children of Morta warrior has a unique fight style.


Minimum Requirements
OS: 64-bit Windows 7
Processor: 2.8 GHz Dual Core CPU
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: GeForce GTX 660, Radeon R7 370 or equivalent with 2 GB of video RAM
DirectX: Version 11
Storage: 2 GB available space
Sound Card: DirectX compatible
Recommended Specifications
OS: 64-bit Windows 10
Processor: 3.2 GHz Quad Core Processor
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: GeForce 960, Radeon RX 570 or equivalent with 4GB of video RAM
DirectX: Version 11
Storage: 2 GB available space
Sound Card: DirectX compatible
Minimum Requirements
OS: 10.11
Processor: 2.8 GHZ Intel Core 2 Duo
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: Dedicated video card recommended
Storage: 2 GB available space
Sound Card: DirectX compatible
Recommended Specifications
OS: 10.14
Processor: 3.2 GHz Quad Core Processor
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: Dedicated video card recommended
Storage: 2 GB available space
Sound Card: DirectX compatible
Minimum Requirements
OS: Ubuntu 16.04
Processor: 2.8 GHz Dual Core CPU
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: GeForce GTX 660, Radeon R7 370 or equivalent with 2 GB of video RAM
Storage: 2 GB available space
Sound Card: DirectX compatible
Recommended Specifications
OS: Ubuntu 16.04 or higher
Processor: 3.2 GHz Quad Core Processor
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: GeForce 960, Radeon RX 570 or equivalent with 4GB of video RAM
Storage: 2 GB available space
Sound Card: DirectX compatible
  • Children of Morta is an incredible roguelike title that will keep you hooked for hours on end, offering superb gameplay and presentation, as well as a surprisingly strong story.

  • With procedural worlds, fantastic cooperative combat, and a storyline that makes you care about the entire Bergson family, Children of Morta represents the best example of games as art. There are still a few months to go in 2019, but Children of Morta is looking like my Indie Game of the Year.

  • Children of Morta is a resoundingly impactful, thoughtful, and humanizing rogue-lite with an all-consuming narrative you simply can’t stop chasing. Even with its dark, fantasy filled setting it tells a very grounded story about family, love, and sacrifice in the face of adversity. The voice acting is spot on, the complex pixel-art is gorgeous to pause and behold, and combat feels powerful with everyone in the family. The dungeons are vast enough to compel you to explore without wasting your time on endless corridors, and the game strikes a perfect balance between entry-level rogue-lite and epic RPG that makes it stand tall over your average rogue-lite. We’ve waited a long time for Children of Morta and the wait was more than worth it.

  • Children of Morta takes the mechanics from the roguelike genre but manages to craft a truly narrative experience. An unique game that offers fun gameplay mixed with an emotional story full of heart. One of the greatest surprises of 2019 so far.

  • Children of Morta is an absolute joy of an experience whether you choose to go alone, or with a friend.

  • While Children of Morta‘s surprising flexibility — without too comprising on the challenge of its gameplay — is one to take note of, it’s Dead Mage’s ability to find harmony with so many [figurative] moving parts that’s more impressive. Don’t let the tag or implication of hollowness throw you, Children of Morta — like Dead Cells before it — is an addictive, well-orchestrated and brilliantly-devised take on the roguelike template.

  • Children of Morta is the best roguelike I've played in 2019. A strong story, exciting combat, and great characters make it a must-play for any roguelike fan.

  • What you feel after completing Children of Morta is not the regular nostalgia after finishing a great hack'n'slash-roguelite hybrid - it's the feeling of leaving you family and the safety of your home. A splendid game.

  • Children of Morta is a one-of-a kind gorgeous “family action RPG” that deserves to be enjoyed by everyone.

  • Children of Morta presents a really amazing story about an adventuring family out to save the world. Its mix of Rogue-lite and RPG elements make it easily accessible to expert players and new players to this genre. And even with other massive titles, it is a great indie gem that you should have.

  • Children of Morta is a resoundingly beautiful game that tells a compelling story of growth, forgiveness and love through a set of deep of satisfying rogue-like mechanics that only kept me invested in the gameplay but the journey of The Bergsons throughout my playtime.

  • WARNING: If you try this game, you will never stop.

  • Save for the issues with RNG and the procedurally generated environments, Children of Morta delivers an exceptional experience with superior gameplay and a surprising amount of heart.

  • Children of Morta breaks the roguelike conventions with stellar narrative delivery. The little events married with its exceptional pixel-art provide a deeply emotional journey, even if it is a hack'n'slash game down its core. The limited endgame is what hurts one of the Indie of 2019 candidates the most.

  • Children of Morta proves for me with flying colors that we have to focus on the indie sector in terms of innovation. At least when it comes to playful progress away from photorealistic graphics.

  • Children of Morta is one of the best rogulite games I played in a while, so I can't recommend it enough to those who love the genre. It's easy to pick up and the story, even though it's a bit on the generic side, will keep you hooked till the end (yes, there's actually an end to the story).

  • Behind Children of Morta's pixel art, lies an excellent hack’n’slash which has little to envy to the pillars of the genre. The RPG aspect is well defined, and the growth of the characters is never trivial.

  • Children of Morta is a great rogue-lite that manages to maintain the good pace throughout the adventure with great ideas along the way.

  • Children of Morta is charming, engaging and fun. It's absolutely worth playing if you're a fan of the genre, and the Bergsons are one of the best family units in gaming. The world and characters draw you in, and the simple but engaging roguelike gameplay keeps you there. It doesn't break any molds, but it doesn't try to. Instead, the title focuses on offering what it has with a mirror polish. It has some problems and can feel repetitive at times, but any sense of weariness is lost the next time a beautiful cut scene begins.

  • From the gorgeous pixel-art to the fun side-events, the gameplay of Children of Morta was rarely repetitive or boring.

  • Children of Morta is a fun but derivative, stylish and elegant story driven roguelite. Although the setting is quite usual, the story of the Bergsons family is heartwarming and moving, and that makes this game quite unique.

  • I can easily say that, Childeren of Morta is one of the most enjoyable games I played this year. If you like the Roguelike genre, and a game focusing family relations seems a nice theme for you, you absolutely should play this one.

  • This simple story about the importance of family ties will definitely tug at your heartstrings — if not with words, then at least with beautiful pixel-perfect dungeons.

  • With a very solid gameplay, the ability to play coop with up to 4 players and pretty nice pixel art visuals, Children of Morta is a very good rogue-like that should appeal to every gamer.

  • Children of Morta would be a perfectly good linear dungeon crawler; it would also be a pretty good roguelike. But it genuinely manages to strike the perfect balance between the two, offering addictive, challenging and varied gameplay, as well as strong narrative, characters and world building. Besides some difficulty issues with the two-player mode and the melee characters, it’s a pretty great game. Plus the spirit you rescue at the end of the first area looks like a giant floating vagina, so what more could you want?

  • If you like roguelike games this is pretty great. there is enough variety in gameplay and story/characters were better than expected. Enemies can be stupid sometimes though.

  • Children of Morta's fantastic art style and enjoyable storytelling take what would have been an otherwise fun roguelike dungeon-crawler and elevate it a great deal. Taking down enemies and eventually triumphing over bosses is enjoyable, but what kept bringing me back was the connection I felt to the Bergsons, and my sincere desire to help them push back against the Corruption. After all, it's a lot easier dealing with dungeons full of monsters when you have a family to come home to.

  • Children of Morta is a family affair.

  • Children of Morta doesn’t set the genre ablaze, move it in any new directions or do much to widen its reach, beyond letting more casual players grind their way through impasses. In structure and presentation it’s reminiscent of last year’s Moonlighter, but without the unique shopkeeping mechanic which set that apart. That said, there’s nothing wrong with a well-accomplished genre archetype. Do you enjoy rogue-lites? You’re pretty much guaranteed to like this.

  • A finely crafted game that knows what it wants to be and succeeds on almost every level. The fluid action, beautiful art style and engaging story will keep you hooked for at least 15 hours, but once the final boss is done, there aren’t many reasons to return. Enjoy it while it lasts.

  • Children of Morta is an exceptionally well made ARPG, where the same amount of attention has been given to all its aspects, from the way it plays, to the way it's story is told, to the way it looks. Those in search for something with hundreds of hours of additional content should better look elsewhere, but the pleasure of combat (solo or co-op), and the addictive nature of rogue-likes, combined with the strong narrative, and the fantastic ultra-detailed pixel art style, gives a pretty good reason to put this on your wishlist - NOW!

  • While Children of Morta stays pretty solidly in the tradition of recent RPG/roguelikes, its packaging — graphics, design, story and characters — elevate it above the pack and players who have grown weary of the genre will find it refreshing. It’s challenging without (usually) being unfair and while there is plenty of varied combat, there is a story with some heart and soul for any player looking for a break from constant hack and slash. It’s still a roguelike, so any player intolerant of the genre’s “die and try again” conceit will not suddenly become enlightened, but fans of the form will enjoy one of the more interesting and appealing examples in recent memory.

  • Dungeon-based roguelite fans have a new adventure they should add to their library. The core gameplay isn’t very original, but its coop mode, its elaborate narrative and its great setting make it very, very interesting.

  • But what the elevator pitch and basic description don’t convey is Children of Morta’s unique charm.

  • Children of Morta is a solidly built action roguelite, but it's the family struggles and heart within that elevate it above the crowd.

  • A beautifully written, composed, and visualized roguelike.

  • A lot of love and time has gone into Children of Morta, and the level of polish and complexity across its narrative and gameplay make it one of the most interesting roguelites to date. The difficulty curve and relative brevity of its story may put some off, but Children of Morta is a beautifully crafted, polished roguelite that deserves your attention.

  • Perhaps the area where Children of Morta stands out the most is with the intricate art and the storybook narrative; the high-resolution landscapes and environment look fantastic at multiple distance levels. As do the creatures, characters, bosses, and other animated contraptions. Although this review has used the word dungeon countless times, each new location has a distinct feel all its own. In the end the focus on story, and the bond between family members, shines through – giving Children of Morta a sense of intimate to match the grand.

  • Children of Morta is a decent roguelike ARPG.

  • Children of Morta might be quite predictable and even a bit uninspired when it comes to battling the hordes of enemies, but it nevertheless succeeds in providing a fresh experience for the genre of roguelites. How it succeeds in that? By investing in developing its characters and creating actual bonding with the members of the Bergson’s family, not a mean feat for the genre.

  • Taking its inspirations both from Diablo and rogue-lite games, Children of Morta has a nice story to tell, and shows a pretty face with its stunning pixel art visuals.

  • Children of Morta is a rewarding action RPG with a lot of heart, providing you can make it through its repetitive opening hours.

  • Those who prefer a good story even at the expense of inadequate game mechanics, will experience a different experience with the Bergson family, not revolutionary or particularly memorable, but nevertheless capable of making their mark.

  • Despite its flaws, Children of Morta’s incredible story and generally enjoyable combat kept me coming back for more, and while the mid-section did drag, I still felt compelled to see the story through to the end.

  • Children of Morta is a a charming rogue-like with a some pretty good ideas and it's a true pleasure to follow Bergson's family in its very-well written quest.

  • The Bergson's are charming but their quest is a bit too lifeless. A middling dungeon crawler elevated by its style.

  • As with most things, Children of Morta will probably get some substantive updates in the coming months, but it currently pales in comparison to other action roguelikes and won’t hold most gamers’ attention for too long.

Children of Morta
$21.99 $10.45
Title: Children of Morta
Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie, RPG
Released: 3 September 2019
Developer: Dead Mage
Publisher: 11 bit studios
  • Single-player
  • Multi-player
  • Co-op
  • Steam Achievements
  • Steam Cloud
  • Stats
  • Full controller support
  • Shared/Split Screen
  • Remote Play on Phone
  • Remote Play on Tablet
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  • Shared/Split Screen Co-op
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Spanish - Spain
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