Ghost Pirates of Vooju Island

Mysterious Things are Happening on Vooju Island...
Legendary video game writer and developer Bill Tiller (The Curse of Monkey Island, A Vampyre Story) tells a gripping tale of pirates, ghosts, and mysterious Vooju magic. Vooju priest Papa Doc, bumbling cook Blue Belly, and impetuous pirate Jane Starling have fallen victim to the nefarious plans of the Papa Doc’s wife, the devious Queen Zimbi. The nefarious Zimbi has used her mysterious Vooju magic to curse and transform our three intrepid characters into ghosts. Can you help them rejoin their bodies before they join the ranks of the undead forever?
Set amidst a mythical Caribbean world of Vooju magic and unmistakable pirate humor, Ghost Pirates of Vooju Island challenges you to help the heroic ghostly trio regain their human forms and thwart the dark machinations of the Vooju priestess and her pirate allies. The fate of the entire world lies in the hands of these three unusual heroes!

Key Features

  • Tickle your funny bone in this lovingly hand-painted game world, with a story penned by legendary video game creator Bill Tiller
  • Combine the abilities of the three playable main characters to outsmart the pirates
  • Play as a ghost and human, and use Vooju magic to solve mysterious puzzles
  • Meet a huge cast of creepy and hilarious characters
Minimum Requirements
OS: Windows® XP, Windows Vista®, Windows® 7, and Windows® 8
Processor: 2.0 GHz Processor or faster
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: DirectX® 9.0 compatible or higher video card with 512MB of Video RAM
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Storage: 3 GB available space
Sound Card: DirectX® compatible sound card
  • Ghost Pirates of Vooju Island is an old-school point'n'click adventure, with an interesting gameplay. Its visuals, by Bill Tiller, are amazing, and the scenarios feel like the main characters of this adventure.

  • Ghost Pirates of Vooju Island is not the best adventure made by Bill Tiller and has flaws, like the terrible ending, that show a lack of polishing. That said, the nice art direction, a world rich of details and the possibility to switch between three different characters make It good enough for all the fans.

  • PC Format

    The jokes are tired. [Mar 2010, p.95]

  • A series of small issues prevent it from shining as brightly as it could have, but its fun puzzles in a cool setting make Ghost Pirates of Vooju Island an entertaining adventure.

  • LEVEL (Czech Republic)

    Worthy competitor to Monkey Island, this series scores with beautiful "hand-painted" graphics, lovely atmosphere and pleasurable playability. Three characters mean three times the fun. [Issue#186]

  • A little step further than A Vampire Story, Ghost Pirates is a good adventure in an inspired setting, but it shows some problems related to its youth. Perfection is still far but graphic and characters save the project.

  • games(TM)

    The fun and invention at the heart of Ghost Pirates make it a marginal improvement over the equally likable A Vampyre Story. [Apr 2010, p.126]

  • PC PowerPlay

    Perfectly good puzzle design and art direction let down by haphazard writing and animation. Decent, but nothing great. [Aug 2010, p.60]

  • Ghost Pirates of Vooju Island isn't a terrible game, but having recently completed Telltale Game's wonderful Tales of Monkey Island series it's clear Ghost Pirates is aspiring for a similar experience while falling short in nearly every aspect.

  • PC Gamer UK

    The worst thing is that you can't skip the dialogue. [July 2010, p.91]

Ghost Pirates of Vooju Island
$9.99 $3.50
Title: Ghost Pirates of Vooju Island
Genre: Adventure, Casual
Released: 27 January 2015
Developer: Autumn Moon
Publisher: Viva Media
  • Single-player
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