Mashed is a top down racing game that pits up to four players against each other.
Compete over 13 challenging and diverse environments using whatever means necessary
to batter and bruise your opponents into submission. Using a plethora of weapons or
just your driving skills unleash your fury, cause absolute carnage and send your
friends to a humiliating defeat!


13 tracks to race on, with a variety of cars waiting for you to master

Nine hi-tech weapons to pick up and unleash on your rivals

Use machine guns, mortars, missiles, shotguns, oil slicks, flamethrowers, mines, barrel bombs and blinding flares

Up to four players at one time, play “all-against-all” or collaborate with friends in the team mode
Minimum Requirements
OS: Windows 98/2000/ME/XP
Processor: Pentium PIII 800 MHz Processor or AMD Athlon
Memory: 256 MB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce™ or ATI Radeon™ 7000 or higher
Storage: 500 MB available space
  • Chandley54 12 May 2011

    I would like to point out that I only have the PS2 version of this game, but as no-one has reviewed it for PC and there is no PS2 option for the game, I have to say this is one of the greatest 4player games ever. The number of hours my friends and I have wasted on this are countless. A true addictive classic, if you haven't played this then I suggest you find an old ps2, a multitap (Or you can share controllers, which is a great idea and great fun too! one drives with the right analog stick + face buttons and the other with the left + D buttons) and hit up polar wharf. Such an exceptionally simple design but truly amazing. Why can't they make amusing party games like this anymore?? If anyone knows of any which even come close, please give me a recommendation!

  • glacier777 6 Apr 2012

    I too have the playstation 2 version. This game is still easily better than most 6th generation games released now despite no online and limited graphics. It is such a simple and unique concept - every player sees the same screen, get too far behind and your eliminated. The single player will have you hooked for hours but it's the local multiplayer that stands out - battle against 2-4 friends (and AI). Other highlights include the 6 racers personalities, variety of maps and vehicles, range of weapons, the scoring system and the ability to make your character speak and offend the other racers. Fans of any game should like this. This is certainly a forgotten classic.

  • drlowdon 8 Jun 2013

    *Review of Playstation 2 Version which is not listed on Metacritic*

    Taking its inspiration from the Micro Machines series Mashed is a top down racer that can be played by up to four players simultaneously. As with Micro Machines points are scored by gaining a large enough lead that your opponents can no longer fit on the screen. Featuring an excellent selection of tracks (far better than the sequel 'Fully Loaded') and all manner of power ups Mashed, despite its dull single player modes, is amongst the very best multiplayer titles available on the PS2.

  • Mopgonpblr 8 May 2018

    Just a cool Micro Machines clone with guns. Nothing more, nothing less. There is enough fun not to regret the money spent, but not enough for game to stay beyond competition.

$4.99 $0.50
Title: Mashed
Genre: Racing
Released: 25 June 2004
Developer: Supersonic Software
Publisher: Strategy First
  • Single-player
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