Mysterium - Secrets & Lies

Other secrets still reside in Warwick Manor...
With Secrets & Lies, the second expansion of the game Mysterium, the search for the real culprit gets even more challenging. Thanks to help from the ghost and their 42 new vision cards, it's up to you to shed light on the circumstances of this murder.

Discover 6 new suspects (including Count Warwick himself), 6 new locations and 6 new items. And for the first time, experience a brand new game mode, thanks to the 19 story cards which are able to replace items for ever more mystery-filled games!
Come in, take a seat... and let yourself be guided by your sixth sense!
Minimum Requirements
OS: Windows 7 32 bit
Processor: 2 ghz processor single core
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Recommended Specifications
OS: Windows 7 32 bit
Processor: 2 ghz processor single core
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Mysterium - Secrets & Lies
1.99 ₳ 0.80 ₳
Title: Mysterium - Secrets & Lies
Genre: Strategy
Released: 21 November 2017
Developer: Twin Sails Interactive, Playsoft
Publisher: Twin Sails Interactive
  • Online Co-op
  • Downloadable Content
  • Cross-Platform Multiplayer
  • Single-player
  • Multi-player
  • Co-op
  • In-App Purchases
  • Online PvP
UI Audio Subs
Spanish - Spain
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