Partisans 1941

A new approach to the stealth tactics genre: Partisans 1941 combines stealth, action, resource management and base-building elements.

Take control of a group of Partisans resisting the German occupation Eastern Front during World War II.

Plan and initiate combat your way. Use tactical pause, study the environment and choose the best position to set up an ambush.

Build up your resistance camp hidden deep in the woods and find allies to join your cause. Form squads of unique Partisans and undertake diverse missions to undermine enemy forces and infrastructure, while securing resources desperately needed to sustain the resistance.
Experience a dramatic and unique chapter of World War II and become a Red Army commander behind enemy lines.


  • Fresh approach to the stealth tactics genre. A new way to play real time tactics - mix of combat, stealth, ambushes and a variety of special items to bring chaos to the enemy ranks. Choose your own way of completing each mission.
  • Lead a squad of Partisans. Build a squad of your choice and level up your Partisans. Use your character’s strengths to find the right solution to different situations. Find and recruit new resistance members.
  • Experience the life of a resistance group. In between missions you witness the routine of a Partisan’s life - develop your base, prepare for the next assignments, ensure you have the resources for the Partisan’s survival. Keep your troops motivated.
  • A different perspective on WW II. Experience the story of fierce resistance against ruthless German occupation on the Eastern Front. See the story and motivation of different people joining the Partisan resistance, military as well as common folk.

Background and Story

As red army commander Alexey Zorin you escape a Nazi prison camp. Gather a Partisan squad from soldiers left behind enemy lines and locals. Live with your squad all the way from small sabotage missions to attacks on the occupational forces’ authority.
Play a leading role in an operation initiated by Red Army staff quarters and conducted by all Partisan teams in the area: A strike on the German forces’ supply lines for the frontlines, with the goal of buying additional time for the defenders of Leningrad to prepare against the German attack.
Minimum Requirements
Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
OS: Windows 7 SP 1 64bit
Processor: Intel Core i3 - 8100 / AMD Ryzen 3 2200G
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 / Radeon HD 7790
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Storage: 10 GB available space
Recommended Specifications
Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
OS: Windows 10 64bit
Processor: Intel Core i7-8700K / AMD Ryzen 7 3700X
Memory: 16 GB RAM
Graphics: GeForce GTX 1060 6GB / Radeon RX 590
DirectX: Version 11
Storage: 10 GB available space
  • The game is quite a lot of fun, when it is working well. Unfortunately, like a lot of these sorts of games, A.I. issues do sometimes cause a few headaches.

  • Game World Navigator Magazine

    Thanks to its memorable characters, distinctive art and quality gameplay, Partisans 1941 proved to be much better than expected. [Issue#249, p.66]

  • Partisans 1941 takes some getting used to in terms of controlling a squad while moving the camera around. The artistic graphics play off the brilliant lighting of the Unreal Engine and the diverse voice acting is believable for the setting. Daedalic Entertainment and Alter Games have come together to bring a perfect blend of stealth and RTS with a twist on history full of rich lore to discover.

  • Partisans 1941 is an interesting, and dare I say necessary addition to the pool of World War II games. If memory serves, the only big title to have previously tackled red resistance was Company of Heroes 2, and that one was almost a piece of Nazi propaganda. So, if you’re mindful of the bit of possible Soviet whitewashing that’s in Partisans 1941, you can definitely enjoy this slightly unusual World War II experience. I mean, I love shooting Nazis as much as the next guy, but it does help to remember that the first “W” in World War II doesn’t stand for “Normandy.”

  • The eight characters allow for a very varied approach, depending on their composition. I also liked the strategy part with the base building as a resting place between the missions. It underlines the feeling of being part of a long-established resistance movement. On the other hand, I was hoping for more from the perspective of the Russian partisans. Despite the scenario, the narrative remains very superficial.

  • Partisans combines a classic real-time tactics structure with more flexible systems for a winning formula.

  • Other than a couple of slight and somewhat comical irritations, Partisans 1941 is a fun, methodical real-time tactics game.

  • Partisans 1941 is, for all its problems, a wonderful game for fans of the genre. The atmosphere is fascinating and the gameplay is as fun as it is hard to learn. If it wasn’t for the lame story and some problems with the enemy’s A.I., we’d recommend it even more. Let’s hope for some patches.

  • Partisans 1941 is a very good game in its own right, though it comes a little too close to imitating its inspiration. But if you can look past that, tactics fans will have a blast.

  • Partisans 1941 blends differing aspects of the tactical squad genre with mixed results. While the staging of ambushes and scouting of strongholds is as satisfying as any other game, the actual combat and fireworks leave a little bit to be desired.

  • If you miss Commandos, this can be an interesting alternative. It doesn’t shine on the technical side, but delivers a good experience overall.

  • Partisans 1941 is very good and surprising game. It offers to players a movie-like experience with story and gameplay dynamics.

  • A satisfying take on the Commandos genre. Partisans 1941 allows players to walk through the brutality of the Second World War, searching for a beacon of hope on the other side.

  • Partisans 1941 is a good title within the genre of tactical action that inevitably recalls what was seen in the Commandos saga. The addition of the camp management, as well as the different improvement trees of each of the characters try to give it its own identity and they succeed in many moments. Unfortunately, the lack of depth in some of its facets, as well as the poor behavior of the enemy AI in some segments of the game, spoil the result of a work that would not have felt bad for something more epic within its narrative than accompany its excellent sound section as it deserves.

  • The game can be frustrating when it takes 2 hours and 20 reloads to take care of a group of 4 enemies that were blocking access to an objective. Experimentation and observation are engaging initially but it’s hard to remain enthusiastic when just one bad move scuttles a whole plan. This is an issue with the entire stealth-action genre that no title has entirely solved. Despite this Partisans 1941 has good mission design, a nice synergy between characters, and the outside the mission variety that makes it a good recommendation for those who like this style of game and the World War II setting.

  • Partisans 1941 is a nice Commandos-like that's pretty good as the atmosphere from the WWII is very good. on the other hand it feels a bit rushed when you look at Desperados III. Consider it if you're willing to close your eyes on some problems.

  • Partisans 1941 appearance in the genre of real time tactics games tries to bring us memories from the past of the genre. Even though it is composed of some fresh ideas, these are left half-finished and the result can be frustrating. But where it fails miserably is when its developers try to tear apart the connection of Nazism to the dark events of WW II.

  • You can see sparks of an excellent game here and there, but the full potential got lost along the way. Still, not so many tactical action games around – beggars can’t be choosers!

  • Partisans 1941 is an enjoyable take on the real time tactics genre, but too often your perfect ambush is then undone moments later by hyper-alert enemies spotting your squad. There's some balance issues (which will hopefully be improved with patches), but there's a solid tactical game here with an enjoyable story and some gameplay mechanics that we’ve not previously seen in the genre.

  • Partisans 1941 is a good strategy game that remind us some great names in the genre, but fails to show the horror of war due to its own playable approaches.

  • For newcomers to the real-time tactics genre, it may represent a step too far as a first experience. However, for experienced players, Partisans 1941 is a solid and engaging title, with plenty of scope to try out a number of different approaches. Overall, it’s also a refreshing change to see the Second World War represented from a different perspective.

  • Partisans 1941 is a valiant effort to innovate over the Commandos formula. Some problems like a poor beginning stop it from being a better game.

  • This is a game in a rarely explored genre nowadays, and it does offer the interesting experience of fighting a guerrilla war on the Soviet front – a rare occurrence outside Russian games. If you are a fan of this kind of title and have a lot of patience for rough edges and frustrating stealth, Partisans 1941 might actually be worth a shot.

  • CD-Action

    I’ve had a weak spot for tactical games since 1988 (Laser Squad!) and during all this time I had my share of occasionally frustrating titles. Partisans 1941 is far beyond occasionally frustrating – it was infuriatingly hard even on lower difficulty setting, and additionally unfair due to chaotic combat and disheartening bugs (spotted by a sentry through a solid wall? Mission over!). [13/2020, p.34]

  • Partisans 1941 is not a puzzle that makes you go over all the available tactical options in search of the most ingenious solution, but a lengthy exercise in mundanity.

  • Taking the role of a small, under-equipped squad is a novel angle for a real time strategy game like this. Some aspects of Partisans 1941 were interesting, but the core of the game has too many small complaints to recommend it in a high regard. Combat being far too random is the largest problem as it is causing constant saves and reloads with how deadly it is. Strategy games are in a dearth right now, so this is not a bad game in the slightest if there is a need to play something new, but it simply does not stack up against some of the heavy weights of the genre.

Partisans 1941
29.99 ₳ 14.25 ₳
Title: Partisans 1941
Genre: Indie, Strategy
Released: 14 October 2020
Developer: Alter Games
Publisher: Daedalic Entertainment
  • Single-player
  • Steam Achievements
  • Steam Cloud
  • Steam Trading Cards
UI Audio Subs
Spanish - Spain
Simplified Chinese
Traditional Chinese
Spanish - Latin America
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