Relicta is a first-person physics-based puzzle game where you need to creatively combine magnetism and gravity in order to unravel the secrets of Chandra Base. Alone in the treacherous depths of the Moon, your scientific mind is the only thing that can keep your daughter alive…
Play as a top physicist stranded on an eerie, derelict Moon base. Find your way around the enigmatic, terraformed craters by bending gravity and magnetism to your will in order to solve physical puzzles. Will you rush straight ahead and try to reach safety - or will you take your time to gather clues and unravel the intrigues of 22nd century orbital politics? Buried in the eternal darkness of the lunar craters lies a secret that might claim your daughter’s life - or change the fate of humanity forever. Are you ready to face the ultimate consequences of your research?


  • Mind-bending mechanics - alter gravity and magnetism at will.
  • Complex physical puzzles - combine your abilities in innovative ways to solve these physical riddles.
  • Lovingly detailed environments - each corner tells a story, each new step is a challenge.
  • Deep and enigmatic background story - Find clues and piece together the details about the investigation of the Relicta's anomaly.
  • Immersive original soundtrack - slip into the soundscapes of an sci-fi psychological thriller.
Minimum Requirements
OS: Windows 7 64-bit
Processor: Core i3 / Athlon 64 X2 6400
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 / ATI Radeon HD 5770
DirectX: Version 11
Storage: 12 GB available space
Recommended Specifications
OS: Win 7 64bit / Win 8.1 64-bit / Windows 10
Processor: Core i7 / A8-3870K or above
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 / ATI Radeon R9 280 or above
DirectX: Version 11
Storage: 12 GB available space
  • If you like a bit of brain strain and some lovely visuals with a decent science fiction story to top it all off then you will most likely love Relicta.

  • From simple magnetism and gravity mechanics springs the fiendishly challenging Relicta, a highly polished environmental puzzler through a lunar space station with your every move being watched.

  • In all Relicta is a challenging puzzle game with a lot of beauty to it, whether it's the music, the visuals, the “Ah-Ha!” moments that any good puzzle can give you when it's solved, or even in Patel’s entertaining interactions with the other characters. As a lover of puzzles, I can say for sure the ‘just one more puzzle’ vibe is strong with this one, so I recommend Relicta to any fan of the genre, it’s got literal magnetic attraction.

  • CD-Action

    If you love Portal, The Witness, or The Talos Principle, you’re gonna enjoy Relicta. Its puzzles might get a little tedious in the long run (they are all based on magnetic gloves), but I really enjoyed them throughout most of the campaign. What’s important (to me at least), the story is not just a quick, half-baked addition to the puzzles, but a valuable element of the game. [10/2020, p.90]

  • The puzzles in Relicta are hard and there isn’t any handholding. This fact, however, is part of the game’s appeal. It feels great to finally solve a tough-as-nails puzzle. More variety regarding the levels would have been nice, nevertheless.

  • Relicta is a first-person physics-based puzzle game that you should try. The gameplay is very interesting: you have to deal with complex mechanics of altering the magnetism and gravity.

  • Relicta is an intriguing puzzle-game, full of puzzles ready to squeeze our meninges without the slightest regret. The level design proves to be up to a production on the genre, although some bugs and inaccuracies end up not making it shine as it should.

  • Summing up, Relicta is certainly an interesting puzzle game, capable of offering excellent puzzles based on two elements of physics: gravity and magnetism. Some levels denote a truly remarkable complexity and degree of difficulty, requiring the player, in addition to the knowledge of the basic mechanics, also a not insignificant intelligence.

  • Though there may be better and more narratively-intriguing entries out there already, for genre enthusiasts focused squarely on the puzzles themselves, Relicta‘s subtle self-awareness in its own pitch — as much the assortment of challenges on display — are enough to help it win out in the end.

  • Relicta is an enjoyable puzzle game, but some of the stages can more frustrating than fun, thanks to a mixture of unreliable mechanics and the developers forcing the player to abide by a strict set of boundaries at all times. Relicta still offers an enjoyable puzzle-solving experience despite its issues and the mystery of what is happening on the base is enough of an incentive to keep pushing through the annoying parts of the game.

  • Relicta is a First Person Puzzle game that every fan of the genre should try. Although the lack of innovation, it has challenging levels and a compelling use of magnetism mechanics.

  • A puzzle game with some very neat ideas, damaged by sketchy voice acting and a strange premise for the puzzles themselves. Relicta is mostly a good mental challenge.

  • I feel like if this game had one more overall draft to marry the story, script, puzzles, voice acting, and environments, it could have easily gotten a high 80 or more from me. As it currently stands, I can only recommend Relicta to the hardcore lovers of physics-based puzzles.

  • If you loved every minute of Portal, The Witness, Obduction, or other sorts of puzzle adventures then Relicta does have something for you. But it's not as well polished as those titles, and doesn't offer as much creativity in puzzle solving, or variety in the puzzles themselves.

  • Relicta is a puzzle game that tries to be like The Talos Principle and Portal, but falls flat. The gameplay mechanics, as well as the physics, are a solid and fun experience. However, it falls short due to a weak story, terribly written dialogue, repetitive puzzle design, and various technical issues. If you’re looking for a puzzler that you can easily find exploits in for a speedrun, check this out. But, if you’re looking for a puzzler with replayability, where you have to utilize creative thinking, and the puzzles are all uniquely designed, then look far, far elsewhere.

19.99 ₳ 9.50 ₳
Title: Relicta
Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie
Released: 3 August 2020
Developer: Mighty Polygon
Publisher: Ravenscourt
  • Single-player
  • Steam Achievements
  • Steam Cloud
  • Full controller support
UI Audio Subs
Spanish - Spain
Simplified Chinese
Portuguese - Brazil
Traditional Chinese
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