Sakura Angels


From the creators of Sakura Spirit... comes a brand-new angelic love comedy!

Two girls, blessed with magical powers, are faced with the task of saving the lonely protagonist from the clutches of a mysterious witch and ancient evil, sealed away long ago by his ancestors. What does this sorceress want from our protagonist? Find out more in Sakura Angels!
Minimum Requirements
OS: Windows XP
Processor: 1.2 GHz Pentium 4
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Graphics: 1280 x 720
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Storage: 200 MB available space
Minimum Requirements
OS: OS X 10.6
Processor: Any 64 bit processor
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Graphics: 1280 x 720
Storage: 200 MB available space
Minimum Requirements
Processor: 1.2 GHz Pentium 4
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Graphics: 1280 x 720
Storage: 200 MB available space
  • WillSterling 1 May 2015


  • DittoGod 1 May 2015

    the artiest artistic novel ever created. The art is so amazing that people be hating for no reason just look at that art. You cant get any artier than that.

  • BasilZero 29 May 2017

    Game: Sakura Angels
    Genre: Visual Novel
    Publisher/Developer: Winged Cloud
    System: Steam (PC)
    Total Score: 77/100
    Value Score: 7.7/10

    Length of Playthrough: 3 Hours

    • Story: 7/10
    • Characters: 8/10
    • GamePlay: 7/10
    • Graphics: 9/10
    • Sound: 9/10
    • Music: 7/10
    • Length: 6/10
    • Replay Value: 6/10
    • Player Value: 8/10

    +Colorful cast of characters
    +Great background designs
    +OST was decent
    +Gallery mode which allows you to see CG scenes
    +Uncensored (though it showed nudity, some parts were cleverly hidden purposely)
    +Voiceovers are now included

    -Kinectic visual novel but has multiple endings depending on interactions
    -FPS stutters constantly between 20 FPS to 60 FPS though its barely noticeable through text loading (tested on both laptop and desktop)
    -Some of the backgrounds did not match what the plot was stating such as showing a background with sunny weather when it was mentioning rain
    -Voiceovers are only in Japanese

  • Mobile 10 Apr 2018

    Reading the reviews I was hoping that this part will show its best side and bring something new, certainly better than Sakura Beach, but no. All, too, most: characters and their characters, their goal, passions, even the text, recognized copied from their better creation Sak Skpirit. Don't know if that person is not playing the first part and start immediately with this or even with the Beach it will seem quite bad, but that those who partook of the fruit's-Spirit has probably not surprising for such a shoddy fake.
    Читая отзывы я надеялся, что эта часть покажет себя с лучшей стороны и привнесет что либо новое, уж точно лучше чем Sakura Beach, но нет. Все тоже самое: персонажи и их характеры, их цель, увлечения, даже текст, прям скопирован из их лучшего творения Sak Skpirit. Не знаю, если подумать, что человек не играя в первую часть, а начнет сразу с этой или даже с Beach ему покажется вполне не плохо, но вот тем кто вкусил плод S-Spirit уже наверное не удивить, такой халтурной подделкой.

Sakura Angels
$9.99 $3.00
Title: Sakura Angels
Genre: Casual, Indie
Released: 16 January 2015
Developer: Winged Cloud
Publisher: Winged Cloud
  • Single-player
  • Steam Trading Cards
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