Super House of the Dead Ninjas

Super House of Dead Ninjas is an action arcade game with roguelite elements. Race against a 30 second timer as you descend floor after foe-filled floor and attempt to unlock the secrets of this deadly tower!

Play as the fearsome Crimson Ninja, wielding an arsenal of deadly ninja weapons and attacks. Ninja magic generates every tower randomly, so no two adventures are the same! Based on the hit Flash game from developers Megadev and Adult Swim Games.

  • NEW! Leaderboards Support: bask in the envy of others as you crush their high scores
  • NEW! 16:9 Support: play in glorious widescreen
  • NEW! 50 new rooms added to random tower generation
  • NEW! 3 new enemies and hazards to slice and/or dice
  • NEW! 10 additional Steam achievements
  • Native controller support
  • Randomly-generated levels means endless replayability
  • 230 custom rooms, 100 of which are new to this edition
  • Dozens of weapons and item upgrades, many seen here for the first time (like the flamethrower and baseball bat)
  • Slay eight terrifying bosses and 52 dastardly enemies, including a deadly exploding mushroom
  • Transdimensional Leakage: a bizarre new tower to explore
  • Upgraded music and sound effects powered by the Ninjinity Engine
  • Map Editor: design your own levels and share via Steamworks
  • Customize your ninja with new colors and outfits, with thousands of combinations
  • Steam exclusive version of the game is bigger and better than the original!
Minimum Requirements
Memory: 512 MB RAM
Hard Drive: 200 MB HD space
Recommended Specifications
Memory: 1024 MB RAM
Hard Drive: 200 MB HD space
  • The instant challenge and frantic pace make it perfect to just pick and play for 15 minutes, while the tight controls and potentially limitless number of floors makes it easy to pour hours into.

  • While based on a free Adult Swim Flash game, Super House Of Dead Ninjas adds more than enough to justify a paid version – graphically, and in terms of new content.

  • Super House of Dead Ninjas is one of those rare games that is meant to serve as an homage to various gaming classics and yet manages to develop its own unique identity.

  • Even though a watered-down version of the game is available to play for free, Super House of Dead Ninjas on Steam is a great time-waster and comes recommended.

  • PC Gamer UK

    It's a fun, polished platformer, but a limited one. [May 2003, p.83]

  • Super House of Dead Ninjas is too predictable compared to its predecessor. A game that uses randomly generated levels could keep you entertained for a very long time, and House of Dead Ninjas did that by combining various obstacles. But now, only the order of rooms is random, and their contents are mostly the same all the time.

Super House of the Dead Ninjas
$6.99 $2.10
Title: Super House of the Dead Ninjas
Genre: Action, Indie
Released: 18 February 2013
Developer: Megadev
Publisher: Adult Swim Games
  • Includes level editor
  • Single-player
  • Steam Achievements
  • Steam Trading Cards
  • Steam Workshop
  • Steam Leaderboards
  • Full controller support
UI Audio Subs
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