Wingspan - Relaxing Strategy Card Game About Birds for 1 to 5 players.

The officially licensed digital adaptation of Wingspan, the winner of the prestigious 2019 Kennerspiel des Jahres board game award.

You are bird enthusiasts—researchers, bird watchers, ornithologists, and collectors—seeking to discover and attract the best birds to your network of wildlife preserves. Each bird extends a chain of powerful combinations in one of your habitats. Each habitat focuses on a key aspect of the growth of your preserves.

In Wingspan up to 5 players compete to build up their nature preserves in a limited number of turns. Each beautiful bird that you add to your preserve makes you better at laying eggs, drawing cards, or gathering food. Many of the 170 unique birds have powers that echo real life: your hawks will hunt, your pelicans will fish, and your geese will form a flock.


  • Relaxing strategy card game where your goal is to discover and attract the best birds.
  • Single player and multiplayer modes for up to five players.
  • Based on award winning, competitive, card-driven, engine-building board game.
  • Hundreds of unique, animated birds with their real life sound recordings.
  • Multiple ways to accumulate points with birds, bonus cards and end-of-round goals.
Minimum Requirements
OS: Microsoft® Windows® 7 / 8 / 10 64 Bit
Processor: i5-2430M
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: Nvidia GT540
Storage: 2 GB available space
Sound Card: DirectX compatible
Minimum Requirements
OS: macOS 10.11
Processor: i5
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 6000
Storage: 2 GB available space
  • A highly aesthetic board game is transferred to our screens. If you want a tranquil, feelgood experience to pass your time, you just found your next investment.

  • The flock of dizzying strategic possibilities and the brilliant plumage it's dressed in make this digital board game a must-play.

  • Wingspan is a serene, blissful, drop-dead gorgeous digital board game. While its turn-based engine-building gameplay may not be for everyone, it’s the ideal game to unwind with alongside a mug of cocoa after a long day. Multiple play modes make this a great purchase for players of any age that enjoy strategy and a healthy dose of animal facts.

  • CD-Action

    A very good adaptation of a board game that occupied one of the top spots of the BoardGameGeek list. The rules are the same, so the goal is to create new habitats for birds and attract as many specimens as possible. The game has a great tutorial, obvious educational values (I wish it presented more information about the species though), and the cards are lovely, but it is a shame that only North American birds are included. [03/2021, p.49]

  • Wingspan did have so much potential to be great, but in the end, it is just okay. There is just too little variety to the gameplay and, being based on a boardgame, it doesn’t manage to justify its existence with any meaningful upgrades to the source material.

$19.99 $9.50
Title: Wingspan
Genre: Indie, Strategy
Released: 17 September 2020
Developer: Monster Couch
Publisher: Monster Couch, Stonemaier Games, indienova
  • Single-player
  • Multi-player
  • Co-op
  • Steam Achievements
  • Steam Cloud
  • Steam Trading Cards
  • Partial Controller Support
  • Steam Leaderboards
  • Online Co-op
  • Steam Turn Notifications
  • PvP
  • Shared/Split Screen PvP
  • Shared/Split Screen Co-op
  • Remote Play Together
  • Online PvP
UI Audio Subs
Spanish - Spain
Simplified Chinese
Portuguese - Brazil
Traditional Chinese
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